The New York Jets suck at football, so 84 people will win 98-inch TCL TVs

I’m a huge New York Jets fan, even though they suck this year (ok, they are terrible most years). While I will always watch and root for that football team, being their fan is anything but fun. The Jets seem to be a cursed franchise, full of disappointment and sadness. Hell, Aaron Rodgers tore his ACL after a mere four plays for the team. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

This year, the New York Jets played the Miami Dolphins in the inaugural NFL Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) game. In that matchup, there was a 99-yard interception return by Miami’s Jevon Holland. It was a huge embarrassment for The Jets, and it pretty much ended their (slim) playoff hopes.

While I was sad about that pick-six, there actually is a silver lining. You see, that play unlocked TCL’s grand prize in its Ultimate Gameday Upgrade sweepstakes. The specific condition for the Week 12 game was nothing short of cinematic: a player from either team had to pull off a 98+ yard touchdown. It was highly unlikely to happen. But Holland’s breathtaking touchdown did just that. As a result, TCL will be distributing 98-inch televisions to 84 lucky winners.

Andy Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer at TCL explains “Black Friday is synonymous with extreme shopping and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Adding the NFL’s first-ever Black Friday game into the mix elevated the excitement to new heights. As the Official TV Partner of the NFL, it was a perfect synergy to link this special game with our monumental giveaway.”

If you want to win your own 98-inch TCL television, be sure to enter here. There are still many more ways to win this season!