TEAMGROUP T-FORCE SIREN GD120S is an AIO liquid cooler for PCIe 2280 SSDs

If you are the type of person that likes maximizing the potential of their solid state drives, then I have some very exciting news. You see, TEAMGROUP has announced the T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO Cooler, an all-in-one liquid cooling solution specifically designed for PCIe 2280 SSDs. Tests have shown that the SIREN GD120 can maintain PCIe 5.0 SSDs at temperatures below 54°C even under heavy loads!

The T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO SSD Cooler features aluminum alloy dual-tube water blocks with double-layered thermal pads, ensuring a tight connection between the SSD controller chip and IC to the cooler’s copper base. The cooler’s pump incorporates a ceramic shaft design and operates with three silent motors, delivering quiet, efficient, and reliable liquid cooling. Additionally, the product includes a 120mm radiator with 13 high-density aluminum fins, significantly enhancing its ability to dissipate heat from M.2 PCIe 5.0 SSDs

A notable feature of the T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO SSD Cooler is its 12 cm ARGB PWM fan, which intelligently adjusts its speed in response to system temperatures. This not only ensures efficient heat dissipation but also conserves energy. Users also benefit from customizable lighting effects, adding an aesthetic appeal to the functionality.

In line with environmental sustainability, the T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO SSD Cooler is manufactured using eco-friendly processes. It complies with the RoHS standards and is packaged using recyclable materials. It will be available for purchase from Amazon here towards the end of December.

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