Out of control data puts compliance at risk

According to a new report, 66 percent of IT decision makers (ITDMs) are worried that data is spiraling out of control in their organization and that this is putting compliance at risk.

The study of 850 ITDMs carried out for Cloudera shows that 63 percent of organizations believe siloed data makes it harder for them to comply with data compliance regulations.

Many organizations have deployed multiple point solutions to help manage data throughout its lifecycle. However, this is driving up complexity, with 79 percent of ITDMs saying that integrating point solutions for data analytics and management has made compliance more challenging.

“With data continuing to scale, compliance remains a significant challenge for many organizations. Emerging innovations like AI will add further complexity, and with new regulations on the horizon, remaining compliant will only become more difficult,” says Chris Royles, EMEA field CTO at Cloudera. “Organizations must start to think of data as a product and protect their greatest asset by ensuring that compliance is always-on and everywhere.”

The report also finds that 78 percent of ITDMs believe that integrating point solutions for data analytics and management have driven up the cost of data. Almost all (99 percent) agree that integrating the different point solutions required for managing data across its lifecycle is a challenge, with 34 percent finding it a ‘significant challenge’. This is leading to organizations spending 28 percent of their annual IT budget on managing data across its lifecycle.

“To effectively carry out their roles, engineers need access to data from across the organization and the ability to self-service. But because of the number of tools organizations deploy for managing data across its lifecycle this isn’t possible. Each solution requires its own specialist skillset, which takes time and money to learn,” adds Royles. “Against this backdrop, organizations must look to modernize their data architectures and end their reliance on point solutions as data demands increase. This will help to reduce the cost integration tax, while accelerating data’s time to value.”

The full report is available from the Cloudera site.

Image credit: monsit/depositphotos.com