OpenMandriva Lx 5.0 Linux distro is here with new features and security updates

Christmas is still a month away, but Santa Claus has come a bit early to the Linux community. You see, the eagerly anticipated OpenMandriva Lx 5.0 can be downloaded here! This version marks a significant milestone for the independent, community-driven distribution, offering users a very refined experience. Notably, it is expected to be the final major iteration to feature the Plasma 5 desktop.

The new version uses the stable and efficient kernel 6.6 LTS, offering an option for the adventurous to try kernel-desktop-6.6.2 – 6.7.0-rc2. It’s a package-rich release, boasting Mesa 23.3.0-rc4, Qt 5.15.11 with KDE patches and the newer 6.6.0, KDE Frameworks 5.112, KDE Gear 23.08.3, and Plasma Productivity users will appreciate the inclusion of LibreOffice 7.6.3, among other current open-source software offerings.

A noteworthy structural change in this release is the merging of the root (/) and /usr filesystems. This decision, while technical, signifies OpenMandriva’s commitment to modernizing and streamlining its architecture.

Security remains a top priority for the OpenMandriva team. All recent vulnerabilities, particularly those affecting crucial components like glibc and curl, have been promptly patched. For users of OMLx 4.x, the team recommends a fresh installation of version 5.0 to ensure the best security and performance.

Users of OpenMandriva’s rolling release branches, such as ROME or Cooker, can rest easy. The enhancements and features of 5.0 are already integrated into these versions, having been thoroughly tested in these environments.

Looking ahead, there are new variants of OpenMandriva on the horizon, including a server-centric spin and versions tailored for various ARM boards. Efforts are ongoing to implement a fully open graphics stack, even on hardware like the Mali G610 GPU found in Rockchip 3588 boards. The team is also working on a RISC-V port, an ambitious endeavor that’s expected to mature around the 6.0 release.

In a nod to its decade-long journey, OpenMandriva Lx 5.0 features a special backgrounds section highlighting a collection of the most significant OpenMandriva wallpapers. This inclusion is more than just aesthetic; it’s a celebration of the distribution’s rich history and vibrant community.