Nitrux 3.2.0 Linux distro released with enhanced security and new features

The Linux community is sure to be abuzz with excitement today as Nitrux 3.2.0 “af” makes its debut. The heart of Nitrux 3.2.0 is its Linux 6.6.2-1 (Liquorix) base, offering a stable yet cutting-edge platform. While upgrading from version 3.1.0 is streamlined, new users are encouraged to start fresh with the latest installation media for optimal performance.

Significant updates have been made across the board. The web browsing experience is elevated with Firefox updating to version 120.0. KDE Gear, enhancing the KDE desktop environment, now sits at version 23.08.3. A major overhaul in the Calamares installer introduces a strict password quality check to enhance security, requiring a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols in passwords.

The release also addresses critical security concerns. It includes mitigations for CVE-2019-13179 and updates to the Intel Microcode to patch new vulnerabilities. The linux-firmware package has been updated, broadening support for a diverse range of hardware including AMD GPUs and Intel Wi-Fi adapters. Additionally, the update to Pipewire version 1.0 promises improved audio and video routing capabilities.

A notable feature in this release is the introduction of the Aesthetic FHS. This innovative reorganization of the file system hierarchy aims to make directories more intuitive for users. While it marks a departure from the traditional Linux FHS, Nitrux ensures that the legacy standards remain accessible.

The developers have also addressed several key issues, improving the overall user experience. These include fixing the Distrobox container problem and resolving DNS resolution issues, demonstrating Nitrux’s dedication to seamless functionality.

The Nitrux 3.2.0 devs have also removed the ISC DHCP client. This component was deemed redundant as NetworkManager adeptly handles DHCP functionalities, reflecting the distribution’s commitment to a lean and efficient system.

Ready to try this operating system out for yourself? You can download a Nitrux 3.2.0 ISO here now. And if you do install the distribution, be sure to share your opinions on it in the comment section below!