Brits reach for the phone when seeking support from businesses

New research finds that 69 percent of British adults will contact a business via phone call first before trying other methods when seeking assistance.

The study from telecoms company Gamma Communications shows 38 percent of 2,000 people surveyed say direct phone calls are their preferred method of communication with businesses over other channels such as emails, web chats, social media and video calls.

The vast majority (91 percent) say it’s important to be able to easily call a business customer service line when they need assistance. Furthermore 80 percent of consumers say they would continue shopping with an SME that offers superior customer service over the phone, suggesting there’s an impact on customer loyalty as well.

Chris Wade, chief marketing and product officer at Gamma says, “When customers need support, it’s evident that businesses must understand exactly how their customers want to communicate. Even in today’s increasingly digital world, human connection is vital. Telephone calls have withstood the test of time for being one of the best ways to achieve that interpersonal bond. All businesses can use this to harness the, sometimes underrated, value of telephone calls to offer quality customer service and retain customers. Whether you’re a tradesman or a financial advisor, your voice has the power to yield customer loyalty.”

Why do we feel it’s so good to talk? 46 percent say they value phone calls because they feel better understood when communicating verbally. The same percentage find phone calls quicker and easier, while 45 percent believe that the support and customer service they receive over the phone is of higher quality compared to other contact methods.

The full report is available from the Gamma Communications site.

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