Report: Microsoft will release Windows 12 in June 2024 to ride the AI PC wave

There have been questions, hopes and rumors about Windows 12 for quite some time now, and as time goes by this is something that shows no signs of changing. We’ve already had hints about the successor to Windows 11 from Intel, and now Taiwanese business media has offered up more information.

According to a report in the Commercial Times, we don’t have long to wait until Microsoft releases Windows 12. Timed to coincide with the rising interest in AI PCs, Windows 12 is said to be due to launch in June 2024.

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While there has been, predictably, no confirmation — or, indeed, denial — from Microsoft, the Commercial Times confidently states: “Windows 12 will be launched in June 2024 and is expected to introduce a large number of AI technologies and become the leader in AI PCs”.

2023 has already seen a massive surge in interest in AI in just about every sector of the computing industry. This is something that is set to continue next year, with technology firms viewing 2024 as “the first year of the AI PC”. It is a phenomenon that the likes of Gigabyte, MSI and Quanta are said to be, understandably, very excited about.

The suggestion that Windows 12 will debut in the middle of 2024 stem form forward-looking comments made by Jason Chen, Acer CEO, and Quanta chairman Barry Lam, notes Tom’s Hardware. There is a prediction that a series of AI PCs will launch in quick succession in the summer of 2024 when Microsoft launches it AI-focused “new generation of Windows operating systems”.

With Quanta having interested in AI PC, AI server and AI automotive electronics, and the reference to plural OSes from Microsoft, the suggestion is that the next edition of Windows Server, as well as the desktop version of Windows 12, will have a heavy dose of AI injected into it.

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